Lebanon: Imam Hussain Holy Shrine sponsors the rite of passage of 80 girls

Under the patronage of the International Quranic Preaching Center of Imam Hussain Holy Shrine and under the slogan, “The Crown of Chastity for the Love of Imam Mahdi”, the al-Inma’ al-Balady Charitable Association held an annual rite of passage ceremony for dozens of girls at the Prophet Muhammad Cultural Center in South Lebanon.

The official of the center’s branch in Lebanon, Mr. Ali Abul-Hassan, said, “The branch’s staffs continue to cooperate and coordinate with cultural and religious authorities to ensure the success of its various activities, especially those related to the youth, including organizing this annual ceremony in the city of Tyre.”

There was a speech by the center’s representative that showed the importance of the Islamic veil.

The ceremony concluded with presenting gifts and blessings from the Holy Shrine of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, to the management of the association and the girls.


Abbas Najm

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