Tuesday’s newspapers are interested in the parliament session tomorrow dedicated to electing the President of the Republic, and the Journalists Syndicate announces the opening of nominations for the position of the president, his two deputies, and council membership

On Tuesday, the newspapers focused on tomorrow’s parliament session dedicated to electing the president of the republic, and the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate announced the opening of nominations for the position of president, his two deputies, and council membership.

Al-Zawraa newspaper, which is issued by the Syndicate of Journalists, quoted observers of Iraqi political affairs as saying that there is no choice but dialogue and consensus between the blocs due to the blockage in the political process.
The Director of the Political Decision Center, Haider Al-Moussawi, said: What happened in the Saturday session was expected because the political tradition says that the presidency of the republic is from the National Union’s share and will not give it up according to the current data.
He added: It is not possible to say that the so-called guarantor or obstructing third has won, and that the trio has been defeated in this session, while the reality is that these disappointments and defeat are for the Iraqi street that is shackled to torment and who is waiting for real solutions to its life problems such as services, economy, electricity and job opportunities.

He pointed out: The Iraqi street is not concerned with the continuation of conflict, failure, consensus or a majority, stressing that if this closure continues, it will be the biggest blow to the political system if the Federal Court goes to dissolve Parliament and call for new elections.
For his part, the political analyst, Ali Al-Baydar, said: “The judiciary announced that it did not directly intervene in this matter, and this is what made the political system in general and parliamentary blocs in particular work comfortably in this period in which it would have been better for the three presidencies to be determined.
He added: I think that the situation will most likely remain as it is during the remaining period, and no changes will occur in this regard, due to the indifference of part of the political system to the reality in the country. Pointing out: There is no choice but consensus to solve the problems, and everyone will go to the option of consensus, which may be the first and last way out for all.
He pointed out: resorting to the option of dissolving parliament and holding new elections, ruling out the fact that the political system may have lost huge money on the elections, and some parties see the re-election as an inevitable loss for them, so they are not pushing in this direction. The Republic until a firm judicial decision is issued, forcing members of the House of Representatives to be present in the session to elect the President of the Republic.
For his part, the political analyst, Abdul-Amir Al-Majer, wondered: “Does the internal system of the House of Representatives allow the absence of a member once he has an opposing position with the session’s paragraphs, and the Federal Court must answer this question.” Stressing: The Federal Court’s decision will not be in the interest of the absentees. He added: The possible scenarios in the absence of the presidential election session are many and stand in the forefront of two decisive factors, the position of reference and the resumption of the October revolution.
In turn, the legal expert, Ali Al-Tamimi, considered that according to the Federal Court’s decision to open the nomination for the position of President of the Republic for one time only No. 24 of 2022, the parliament speaker has a period of 30 days in accordance with Article 72 II of the Iraqi constitution from March 6 to April 6, during which The election of the President of the Republic is binding.
Al-Tamimi said: “The fact that the session did not convene on March 26, the Parliament presidency can postpone it until April 6 only. Parliament was dissolved at the request of one-third of the members and the approval of the absolute majority of the number of members in accordance with Article 64 of the constitution, or a referendum of the Federal Supreme Court if that was done to find out the constitutional implementation.
Al-Zaman newspaper was interested in the draft law on emergency support for food security and development and said that Parliament Speaker Muhammad Al-Halbousi chaired yesterday a session devoted to discussing the report of the draft law, in the presence of 225 deputies, and directed Al-Halbousi to host the Governor of the Central Bank on the draft law on emergency support and food security.
A statement said yesterday that (the Parliamentary Finance Committee, headed by Al-Halbousi, held its first meeting during the current session, in the presence of the Chairman of the Committee, Hassan Karim Al-Kaabi and its members, to discuss the emergency support law and food security and start the second reading of the project after the first reading was completed).

During the meeting, which was held at the headquarters of the Finance Committee, Al-Halbousi stressed (the need to proceed with the legislation of the law, as it addresses the problems facing the country in the current circumstance, especially with the high prices and the damage caused to the vulnerable and poor segments), pointing to (the importance of providing legal cover for its legislation and the amendment of important texts).
He stated that (the aim of the draft law is what was mentioned in the compelling reasons), directed (to host the governor of the Central Bank and those concerned to discuss the necessary measures).

The committee proceeded (reading the report that was prepared to discuss the draft bill and conducting an extensive study on it, with the hosting of the concerned in the ministries of finance and labor to include and take notes, especially in light of the financial abundance in the country, and the committee writes its final report and presents it to the council).
The committee added that (the draft law will support the creation of a special account that authorizes the government to support food security and development through excess funds to achieve food security), noting (the necessity of its maturity and taking a number of observations and amendments before submitting it to the Council for a vote). The committee decided to host the ministers of finance and trade next Wednesday to discuss the financial abundance and the ration card, provided that during the next week it will host the ministers of finance, electricity, planning, agriculture, labor and trade, a number of relevant officials and the governor of the Central Bank to discuss files related to their ministries.
For her part, Representative Alia Nassif demanded the legislative authority not to pass the bill, which was first read in the absence of a third of parliament members, indicating that (it is impossible for it to pass in its current form that legitimizes corruption, noting that this law bears a name that has nothing to do with its content, because it does not save the poor). Rather, it makes him poorer because of tampering with public money that will happen under the cloak of this law).
And she said in a statement yesterday that (in the session last Saturday, which did not obtain a quorum of two-thirds, the first reading of the emergency support law for food security and development, which amounts to about 35 trillion dinars, took place, and if we look at the name of the law, we find that it does not match its content, as there is no development or Direct support for food security, which we have been asking for over and over again, but it is just a new door to legitimizing corruption and tampering with public money and employing these huge funds politically).

She explained that (the poor citizen will only get from this law fake projects, in addition to supporting lagging projects, which means encouraging neglect and corruption, and does not include support for the agricultural and industrial sectors so that the country remains a consumer dependent on the rentier economy and the number of the unemployed continues to increase).
She added that (this law allows the Ministry of Finance to borrow internally and externally and flood the country with debts, as if wasting the increase in oil prices would not suffice them, they will also borrow), and stressed that (the law that causes the country’s bankruptcy cannot be passed, knowing that support for the poor must be directly through the doors of The financial budget and ensuring that the corrupt are not left with an opportunity to tamper with public money), calling on the legislative authority not to pass it in its current form once and for all.

Regarding the elections of the Journalists Syndicate, Al-Zawraa newspaper said that the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate announced the opening of the nomination for the position of the captain and his two deputies and the membership of the council and committees, while it set the eighth of April as the date for the convening of the electoral conference.
A statement by the Council of the Iraqi Journalists Syndicate stated, “The Iraqi Journalists Syndicate announces that the general election conference will be held in its twenty-second session on Friday (8/4/2022). This is due to the end of the current session of the Syndicate Council.

He added: “It was decided to open the door for candidacy for the position of captain, two vice-captains, membership of the Syndicate Council, and the Monitoring and Discipline Committees, starting from Monday 3/28 and ending on Monday 4/4/2022. Objections are accepted until 8/4/2022.
He explained that “decided to form a member of the membership audit from a number of journalists to prepare a list of the names of the Member of the Practitioner. Effective participation in the electoral conference to choose who is qualified to occupy leadership positions in the union.
Contilors: They should receive special care.” He stressed that “this conference will be another occasion to provide the care and support required for this important segment, and only those who hold the status of a trade union member will be allowed to participate in the elections.”

Source: Iraqi Journalists Syndicate General Center

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