Hundreds of military officers repeat the oath in the Holy Shrine

Hundreds of military officers who graduated from the 27th session of the Higher Institute for Security and Administrative Development organized the oath-chanting ceremonies and the performance of the graduation greeting in the courtyard of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him.
One of the graduate students, Lieutenant Yasser Hussein Jabbar, from Baghdad province, said, “Today we are honored, praise be to God, to visit the shrine of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him, and take the oath in his blessed presence.
He added, “Imam Hussain is the leader of the liberals and a symbol of all humanity, as our Imam Al-Hussein and his brother Aba Al-Fadl Al-Abbas, peace be upon them, pledged that we would be loyal soldiers in the service of the nation and that our first goal is to preserve the homeland, its people and its sanctities.
He pointed out that this greeting and the oath is tantamount to a religion for our country and to serve it completely and to preserve the security of Iraq from the danger of terrorism, criminals, and anyone who wants to defile its soil.
He pointed out that “the Holy Hussaini Shrine provided a place for graduate students in the Hussaini shrine and to participate in the creed ceremony

On their part, the families of the students who attended the oath, expressed their thanks to all those who contributed to receiving them in the city of Karbala, and they represent a spectrum from the various Iraqi governorates, the People’s Institutes and the supreme religious authority by being a wall of the homeland and lawyers for its soil.

المئات من الضباط العسكريين يرددون القسم في الصحن الحسيني الشريف

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